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WOW Fitness Trainers offer top quality classes at a fraction of the price of leading gyms and health clubs in Miami. Results can and will be achieved with just one of the classes attended regularly, but best results will be obtained with all classes in combination. Get the best Personal Training Miami has to offer.
Group and 1 on 1 classes available.

Personal Training (1 on 1)​​

Our personal trainers each have decades of experience in body building, fat loss, toning, gaining muscle, and expert advice in overall health and well being. Tell us what your goals are and we will help you achieve them. To build muscle you will go through all exercises and lifts needed to To lose fat we will offer you weighted aerobics, fun circuit training, and boxing, as well as other effective routines.​​

Boot Camp (Group)​​

Everyone’s favorite and our specialty! In this class we run, we jump, we leap,do pushups, dips, and a wide variety of other exercises! This class is intense, but accessible with all fitness levels welcome and countless opportunities to push yourself further.Starting at Margaret Pace Park on February 1st, but other classes are available if you call. Affordable payment options are available. (Instructed By John Rice)


Circuit Training (Group)

​​Strength and Aerobics elegantly joined. Get a full body workout and burn fat all at once. Dips, Planks, Boxing, Kettleballs and Cycling intersperce to give you a different workout every time. Sets last around 15-20 minutes and are repeated until everyone is pumped and sweaty.Classes currently in session in Midtown Miami and coming soon at Margaret Pace Park. (Instructed By Vivian Rice)