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Many of us have the excuse that we just don’t have enough time in the day to work out, well I’m going to be in your face now and tell you that;


Everyone has 3 hours in a week out of a 168 hour, 7 days a week life. You pick the days and hours that best works for you, you don’t need to start out big, start out small like walking around the block at a moderate pace 3 time a week and increase bit by bit from there. “REMEMBER” exercise for PROGRESS not PERFECTION.  The biggest problem that I’ve seen many many people try to do in my 22 years of training is, trying to shove many years of sedentary life style and the extra 50lbs that they have gained

into a small short of time and don’t get the results fast enough, and get frustrated and quit. Here is your solution and its very, very simple; ” START THE EXERCISE FOR THE SOUL PURPOSE TO ONLY FEEL GOOD AND FEEL BETTER AND I PROMISE YOU THE RESULTS WILL COME EITHER SOONER OR  LATER, BUT NO MATTER WHAT….YOU STAY THE COURSE…”


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