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Now just like foods that will fill us up without filling us out, there are foods that can trigger our hunger, potentially causing us to eat more. Most likely you’ve heard all the hoopla about carbs and protein diets and all the newspaper articles debating who”s right. As a result, it becomes quite confusing for most of us. So lets explain where the research is clear. Some carbohydrates in the diet are fine, but its a question of which ones. I want to explain how certain carbohydrates “promote excessive food intake”. In other words they make us eat more and maybe too much. When people eat highly refined carbs (think white bread) their blood sugar may go up and then drop down suddenly. This dramatic rise and fall can make us feel hungrier and eat more. For many people, the day turns into a series of poor carbohydrate choices that make blood sugar (and the appetite) go up and down like a roller coaster. This is about getting off that roller coaster by choosing unrefined , minimally processed carbohydrates in moderate portions.

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