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For those of you starting a fitness program or have been in the game for a while don’t know the 3 simple things they need to follow to get the best out of their efforts.

#1, Diet: Feeding your body correctly is the most important. This is not the 70s anymore when we use to think that the less we eat the more we lose, or or going on a celery and carrot stick diet to lose that weight or put on muscle. We now know that to get the best results out of getting our goals is to eat a minimum of 3 times to 6 times per day (Small Meals) with small healthy snacks in between to keep the fuel in your tank, for your maximum energy out put.

#2, Exercise: Training your body either minimally or extreme ( Depending on the personal goals that you want to achieve) is your choice but remember to build or lose, weighs heavily on our food consumption, to get those maximum results. So train SMART. And 1 more thing, it didn’t take you overnight to gain those extra 30 pounds, so don’t expect to lose it overnight. You stay the course “NO MATTER WHAT “….Train for the simple reason to just feel better and have more energy and if you can keep this goal in mind, the results in your body will eventually follow suit.

#3, Rest: This is very important especially for that body builder…So many of us are so hell bent on thinking the more we train the faster and bigger we get or the more we lose( weight) this is far from the truth. You will never build quality muscle if your continually tearing it down and never giving the the time for it to rest and heal, and then so you can build on top of that. When you go to a doctor because your not feeling well what do they usually tell you? To get plenty of rest and drink plenty of fluids, RIGHT ? The same goes for your training whether your training for a body building competition or wanting to lose weight through cardio and light weights. Good Luck



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