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I began working out with Vivian when my husband gifted me with training sessions for my birthday. I gave birth to our first child earlier that year and I was ready to focus on myself again. I could barely do five sit ups when we started! Vivian meets you exactly where you are and provides you with consistent, non-judgmental support. She knows the most effective ways to get you to where you want to be — without it feeling like torture! I’ve always disliked cardio work, but she wove it into my routine in a way I didn’t even realize I was doing it. Beyond keeping an eye on proper form, she always knew when to push me to the next level. Before I even realized I had mastered a set, she would shift my routine so I was always making gains. I knew from experience that a routine and being accountable to someone else would be crucial to my success. Vivian always showed up with a smile and maximized our gym time without overwhelming me. As a new mother, I found our sessions were often the only time in my week that was truly devoted to me and my goals. Though a “number” was never part of my goal, I am now the same weight as I was in high school (when I played many sports). Not only am I physically stronger, I’m happier, more relaxed and more energetic. I’m grateful to Vivian for her support and motivation and blessed to now call her my friend. She is a lovely soul— kind, thoughtful, inspiring and full of joy. There wasn’t a workout where we didn’t laugh! Working with Vivian allowed me to achieve results that I know I would not have on my own!

by Shannon

Life Changing & Powerful


I started doing personal training sessions coupled with the boot camp in June 2014. After just two weeks, and then two months, I started seeing amazing results. When I first came to John, I had no muscle tone and was not working out at all. I have a job where I sit at a desk all day and I was suffering from low energy and anxiety. John takes a very holistic approach; he works on your mind and body. I now have flat abs and muscle tone through my body. I no longer suffer from anxiety and my energy levels are healthy again. In addition to all this, I have made so many great friends at the bootcamp. I love going.

by Angela Cochran

It’s good for me, it’s good for you!


I've been working out with John and the Bootcamp group for two years and love it! It's great to exercise outside with a group of wonderful, motivating people. I never know what to expect as every class is different. John isn't only a trainer, he's a motivator and knows how get us energized and excited about our fitness and health. Currently my legs, abs and biceps are sore and I LOVE IT!

by Alexa Kazaros

Go for it!


2015-04-09 12.27.57Bootcamp isn't only a way to excersise and stay in shape, it's also a great way to enjoy the outdoors and relieve stress. Every class is a new challenge and I am constantly competing with myself to get better and better. John is a great motivator and the other Bootcampers provide great encouragement along with FUN!

by Renny Gilmonch

Outstanding people, outstanding professionals!


More than excellent professionals, Vivian and John are amazing people who, besides knowing what we need to do to achieve our goals, also know how to motivate us to put the plan into action!

I’m more than glad for knowing them and for recommending their services for anyone who is looking for experienced personal trainers that can really make the difference in your life.

If that’s what you looking for, you’ve just found it!

by Gustavo Figueiredo

No Pain No Gain


If you think that Fitness Training is only to improve  your Shape, this is not  a good way to think. your Health is more Important , the shape is the consequence. Sure everybody wants to Look Great  but don’t forget  that  Living Well and Motivated plus Cheerfully is MUCH BETTER, Training with John and Vivian will give you this and you will have a New Life.  Since I started to train with them I reached my Fitness  Goals and John and Vivian   have been more than trainers to me , they are True Coaches.

by Oliver Osti



 THANK YOU VIVIAN ! Your very contagious in your circuit training class, your amazing energy and spirit  keeps me going !!!

by Sabas Malaber

Great Achievements


I have Vivian as my trainer and I can’t be more happy and content. She is very strict and accurate with her training schedule and doesn’t miss any part of your body! She encourages you with her advises and positive energy( I forgot to add that she has more energy and livelihood than a 18 year old!)
Above all she cares for you like a sister and friend. I’ve had a great experience working out with her and I will definitely continue training with her as long as I live in Miami.

by Samannaz

Boot Camp is not just a class…it’s a Life Style !


I have been doing Boot Camp for about a year. At the beginning I was a bit scared since I have never really been a jogger or into hard-core fitness, but Boot Camp has made me realize that even though sometimes you underestimate your own potential, your body ( & mind) never ceases to surprise you. Each class has gotten "easier" (although always challenging because Boot Camp with John & Vivian are ALWAYS full of fun surprises) in the sense that I feel stronger, fitter and overall more energetic. I have a stressful lifestyle since I am a Consultant but when I go to Boot Camp I forget about all my problems (usually because I am so concentrated on the "pain" from the burning in my legs or abs) and upon finishing the class, the endorphins kick in and I become another person. This class is not a class, it becomes a lifestyle…! John and Vivian are truly motivational, committed and extremely professional…if you want results while having fun, socializing and realizing your mental and physical capacities…try this class and you will come for more. Thank you John and Vivian!

by Denise T

A true Beleiver


John has been for me a good trainer, mentor and also a good friend, I started Bootcamp with John since day one until today, I’m one of the first group student who started with Bootcamp, which is now 2 years of good accomplishment, I have built confidence, a healthier body with so much energy that I’ve never had before, when you train yourself with John you don’t build only your body but also your mental health to a high level, his motivation and spirit have kept me going with everything I deal with in life, I take that opportunity to thank you John so much for everything, doing my routine exercise with you has truly changed my life, You’re amazing!

by Claude

Wow Is An Understatement!


I am typically a self-motivated person and have been able to push myself through some serious obstacles. However, I need every bit of John’s motivation to get through his Bootcamp sessions. They are intense and not for the faint of heart.

That said, I leave each session feeling great (and very sore). I leave each session excited for the next one. And, most importantly, I leave each session proud of myself for what I just accomplished and feeling like I can conquer whatever life throws my way. To say the least, “wow” is an understatement!

by Pedro

A Believer


Ever since I started training and the bootcamp, I have noticed a tremendous difference in my body. The personal one on one training that John gives is challenging and encouraging.Just when you think your almost done those 5 reps turns into 5 more.He pushes you to the point of exhaustion but the victory at the end is what your asking for a better body.I highly recommend him to you.He will give you fast results.

by Yenay Ramos

Mind, body, spirit and results!


I’ve worked out with John one-on-one and in his Tuesday and Thursday night bootcamp classes. In just 12 sessions of one-on-one training I’ve lost inches in my waist and increased the size my upper body drastically. I have not felt this strong and fit…well, ever. John and Vivian’s motivational and genuine down to earth attitude make them incredibly easy to work out with, even though the workouts are will challenge you physically and mentally. But that’s the point! At this point I can’t imagine a week without bootcamp. After each session I feel rejuvenated and ready to take on anything. I’ve not only noticed changes in my body, but in my mind and spirit as well. I’m more focused at work, have more energy and enhanced my positive outlook on the world. John pushes limits and redefines “impossible” with every session. I was able to bench press 305lbs, a feat I thought was impossible until now. I can’t wait for bootcamp tomorrow!

by Robert B.

Great Trainers and great human beings


John and Vivian are not only great trainers but also great human beings. I had the honor of being part of Vivian’s Team in Training For the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. It was a great experience! Doing what they both do best (fitness) and helping a noble cause!
They are very profesional and pasionate about their profession. Whenever you need them they’re there for you and they will commit with you and help you reach your goals.

by Renee

Trainers for your soul


I was training with both , Vivian and John. I have a very bad spine, weak muscles and also panic attacks.Their effective training program put me on my feet in less than 3/4 month.I’m very thankful to them, They are very accomodating and gentle , also they introduce me to meditation which really help to control my panic attacks. Thank You from the bottom of my heat. Namaste 🙂

by Maria Green



I love working out in the cool weather. It’s been fun getting out there with the group. I wish the weather would be like this all year around.

by Scott Michael

Keeps Me Motivated


I have always had a hard time, ballooning halfway to the year and spending the rest of the year trying to keep it off. Since I started with John I have been able to manage things and for the first time I feel like I am getting a “big body” I tried food and it worked, but the missing part was working out regularly. John has kept me motivated and for the past year I have been stable and a steady 32 inch waist (from a 34 inch). Thanks John for everything, you Rock!!!

by Brandon Dumlao